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"310 Lunes"

The enigmatic Lo'Jo returns in October with a new double-disc release, 310 Lunes, in celebration of their 32nd anniversary as a band. The first disc features new instrumental versions of some of the group’s most memorable tracks, arranged by Renaud-Gabriel Pion in the spirit of modern chamber music. The second is a re-release of their very first album, The International Courabou, unobtainable since its début in 1990.


Lo'Jo just performed three dates in the U.S. in September, including at Globalquerque in New Mexico, where they "kicked off the festival with world-inspired music from the West of France. Using a variety of instruments, sonic textures, and infectious grooves, Lo'Jo was the perfect start to what the two-day festival would represent-great music" (Crossmaps).

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Marcio Faraco

Available Now

Marcio Faraco


On his World Village debut Cajueiro, French-Brazilian Márcio Faraco captures the spirit of the times in words and music - singing to us not only of the realities of the world, but also of his passions and his outlook on life in general. Accompanied by musicians from both France and Brazil, Faraco regales us with tales of his native Brazil, of his beloved Paris and of the ebb and flow of time. Illuminated by flashes of milonga, samba, jazz and xote, his melodies radiate with an air of timeless beauty.


"Being able to improve on a long-standing tradition requires a lot of courage and artistry. Márcio Faraco seems to have been born with that innate ability."
- Jazz Times


On US Tour


Tinariwen are back on tour in the US! Newer fans of the legendary desert rock band should check out their World Village releases, including the highly acclaimed albums Aman Iman and Imidiwan: Companions. Tinariwen's tour schedule includes concerts in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tucson, Austin and more.


"Tinariwen capture the poetry and hardships of nomadic life and exile in hypnotic, modal vocals and a tangle of sidewinding riffs that sound like a mirage come true: Keith Richards, Ry Cooder and Ali Farka Toure picking side by side under an unforgiving sun."
- David Fricke, Rolling Stone

"The music of Tinariwen is at once exotic and familiar...there's a force operating on a more subliminal level that unites it to something rattling around inside anyone who was brought up on blues or rock & roll... it sounds so, so good. Don't let it pass you by."
- Pitchfork

Amira Medunjanin

Coming in December

Amira Medunjanin

"Silk & Stone"

For her fourth studio album, the Sarajevo siren Amira Medunjanin beguiles us with another selection of traditional sevdah songs from the Balkan region, interpretations that reveal an unbridled emotional intensity. Her 2010 World Village release with Merima Kljuco, Zumra, was a Best World Music Album of the year at PopMatters and earned 4 Stars from Songlines, The London Telegraph, The Independent and more.

"A classic vocalist, Amira Medunjanin's melodic vocal poetry is filled with passion, emotion, and life."
- Inside World Music

" the goddess-like voice of Bosnian singer Amira Medunjanin"
- Sing Out!

"Amira has an angelic voice – rich, soaring, and passionate."
- KZSU Stanford, CA