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Cumbia All Stars

Cumbia All Stars

"Tigres en Fuga"

The Cumbia All Stars are comprised of former members of some of the legendary bands of the chicha phenomenon, such as Los Mirlos, Los Diablos Rojos and Los Destellos, getting together again after 40 years. They are living legends of the music, originators from the dawn of Cumbia who nursed the flame for over four decades and have now come together, with the new album Tigres en Fuga - available July 8, 2014 - to rapturously re-stoke the fires of the phenomenon that is Cumbia Peruana!

"The intricate melody lines of their shimmering Fender guitars, intertwined with clattering Latin percussion, remain a mesmeric force...Amazonian psychedelia strikes back!" - The Guardian

"The star here is lead guitarist Lucho Reyes, who spins twangy, tuneful solos across the album" - WRIR

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Marcio Faraco

Coming in September

Marcio Faraco


On his World Village debut Cajueiro, available September 9, 2014, French-Brazilian Márcio Faraco captures the spirit of the times in words and music - singing to us not only of the realities of the world, but also of his passions and his outlook on life in general. Accompanied by musicians from both France and Brazil, Faraco regales us with tales of his native Brazil, of his beloved Paris and of the ebb and flow of time. Illuminated by flashes of milonga, samba, jazz and xote, his melodies radiate with an air of timeless beauty.


"Being able to improve on a long-standing tradition requires a lot of courage and artistry. Márcio Faraco seems to have been born with that innate ability."
- Jazz Times

Lili Boniche

Available now

Lili Boniche

Judeo-Arabic Classics

The classic album Trésors de la musique judéo-arabe by Algerian crooner Lili Boniche is now available with the added bonus of three previously unreleased tracks. The album is one of the cornerstones of modern Arab-Andalusian music. Music infused with the heady aromas of the spice markets and the scents of the Mediterranean, here the rumba of Algiers, there the festive chaabi. Trésors... is an absolute must-have for all lovers of these joyful songs, which remain both timeless and strikingly modern.

Praise for Anthologie (2013):

"[Boniche has] this incredible dexterity and creativity...He’s a fantastic singer."
- PRI The World

"You hear wonderful Arabic modes, great guitar playing, and a powerful Imam-Cantor style voice...The songs drip with feeling."
-KCRW Rhythm Planet


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Melingo's Linyera features offbeat love songs, sparkling with glints of the blues and tangos of old, vagrants’ tales sprinkled with snatches of bossa nova and candombe, atmospheric melodies summoning up musical spirits, now of Duke, now of Zappa, all plunging us into Melingo’s surreal universe.

No. 2 World Music Charts Europe

"Daniel Melingo is the Bowie of Tango, innovating the art form, making it strange, playing with characters"
- The Financial Times

"La Cancion De Linyera is a jaunty tango...but elsewhere he adds bluesy guitar lines and jazzy trombone"
- 4 Stars, The Guardian

"a rich mix of folk, rockabilly, bossa nova and classical treatments"
- Songlines

"The ravishing musical accompaniment...includes tango strings and accordion, Twin Peaks guitar, jazz flourishes,and haunting choruses."
- 4 Stars, The Irish Times